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The Washington Post Gratuitously and Wrongly Trashes Jimmy Carter

“In 1978, a Washington Post editorial described what many of President Jimmy Carter’s critics felt was missing from Mr. Carter’s foreign policy: “the sense of design, of architecture of knowing what he was doing, that Henry Kissinger conveyed widely, even to detractors.”  (Washington Post editorial, December 1, 2023) The mainstream media, including the Washington Post and the New York Times are gradually getting…

Kissinger: “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”

After the New York Times begn publishing “The Pentagon Papers” on June 13, 1971, National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger told President Richard M. Nixon that Daniel Ellsberg was “the most dangerous man in America and that he must be stopped at all costs.”  Nixon was not inclined to seek legal action against Ellsberg and the Times, but Kissinger…

Containing the National Security State

Containing the National Security State