Goodness Gracious, David Ignatius: The Light at the End of the Tunnel

“The light at the end of the tunnel is just the light of an oncoming train.” – Robert Lowell “The thing about tunnels is that if you keep moving through them, darkness eventually gives way to light.” – David Ignatius, Washington Post, July 19, 2023 The Washington Post’s senior international affairs columnist, David Ignatius, is one…

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Goodman letter in NY TIMES

In the Mideast, U.S. Foreign Policy Gone Awry

A reader cites the many ways that U.S. policy toward the Middle East has created more problems and terrorists.

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Nuclear Disagreements

In response to: Singapore Sham from the August 16, 2018 issue To the Editors: Jessica T. Mathews’s “Singapore Sham” [NYR, August 16] correctly notes North Korea’s failure to halt plutonium production as part of the 1994 Agreed Framework, but fails to mention US violations. The Clinton administration failed to get licensing approval from the Nuclear…

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Iran and the US Say Enough, Will Israel Go Along?

The emphasis now should be on a cease fire in Gaza; release of the hostages; a surge of humanitarian assistance to Gaza; and talks with Iran that could lead to diplomatic recognition.  

Meet the Newest Apologist for Israel: Rear Admiral John Kirby

Tuesday’s press conference highlighted the worst of the administration’s predictable defenses and apologies for Israel’s illegal and immoral military campaign against Palestinian civilians.  Once again, the worst of Kirby’s remarks were not referenced in the Washington Post and received an anodyne one-sentence summary in the New York Times.  I believe it is important to understand the meaning and implications of Kirby’s callous and callow remarks. 

Containing the National Security State

Containing the National Security State