John Ratcliffe

Trump’s Weaponization of the National Security State

Trump has used most of the past four years to enforce Steve Bannon’s “deconstruction of the administrative state,” and most of the past several months to politicize and weaponize the key departments of the national security state. He has manipulated the Department of Justice; the Department of Defense; the Department of Homeland Security; the Department of State, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence; and the Central Intelligence Agency in unprecedented ways.

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A New John Ratcliffe or the Same Old Story?

Ratcliffe was denied a hearing a year ago because he had no national security experience and made false claims in his resume in order to create the impression of experience.If anything, Ratcliffe appears to be more of a loyalist now than he was a year ago. When Senator Tom Cotton (R/AR) argued the specious line from Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that the novel coronavirus could not have originated in a public market, Ratcliffe agreed. When Cotton, the strongest Trump loyalist in the Senate, pressed Ratcliffe to agree that the president is allowed to set intelligence priorities, Ratcliffe signed on.

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