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US Advice to Israel: “Use Smaller Bombs”

The case for asserting that the U.S. is complicit in Israel’s strategic military campaign against Gaza, where there is evidence of Israeli war crimes, has gotten stronger.  Last month, a three-star Marine general was in Israel to provide advice on urban warfare that the Israeli invasion force is now conducting.  The U.S. is providing intelligence to the Israel on Hamas command and control networks, and CIA director William Burns arrived in Israel on November 5, presumably as part of this intelligence effort.  The United States is not only advising the Israelis to use smaller bombs, but is sending more of these weapons to Israel.

Paul Krugman Dismisses the Existence of a Military-Industrial Complex

The military-industrial complex is responsible for the vast deployment and stationing of U.S. forces overseas.  The United States has hundreds of military facilities around the world. This is in sharp contrast with Russia’s two military facilities outside its zone of interest, and China’s single facility on the Horn of Africa.  U.S. forces are deployed in more than 100 countries, and our military instrument is our major weapon for influencing developments the world over.