Goodman on Pacifica TODAY – UpFront on KPFA

8:08am Pacific/11:08am Eastern for the radio program UpFront on KPFA

We’ll be doing live coverage of Gina Haspel’s confirmation hearing, interspersed with commentary from you and the hosts.

Catch the interview live at; it will be archived at the same website shortly after it ends. 

Audio coming soon

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Bombast in the Black Sea: the Latest British Provocation

Post-World War II British foreign policy has included a number of provocative steps that have weakened British standing; created complications in the international arena; and raised the possibility of serious confrontation.

Misinformation and Mythology and the Mainstream Media

Too much reporting on national security in the mainstream media is based on official government sources, consisting of assessments and interpretations that the government wants to circulate.

Containing the National Security State

Containing the National Security State