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Israel-Palestine, the Oct. 7 Intelligence Failure, Gaza, and U.S. Foreign Policy w/ Ex-CIA/State Dept. Analyst Melvin Goodman

Happy to be on the podcast Parallax Views w/ J.G. Michael recently. A podcast where politics, history, and culture are examined from perspectives you may not have considered before. Call it a parallax view. On this edition of Parallax Views, former CIA and State Department analyst Melvin A. Goodman, known for his book Whistleblower at the…

Biden Endorses the “Indispensable Nation”

Too many nations like to think of themselves as a chosen nation or an indispensable nation, but only the United States has the global power and the power of projection to try to enforce its will the world over. The President of the United States should know better than to indulge in the kind of hubris and triumphalism associated with American exceptionalism. The Biden administration is currently having great difficulty convincing the international community to support its policies toward both Ukraine and Israel because many nations have serious questions about U.S. and Israeli misuse of force in the recent past.