Columbia, MD: Oakland Mills High School

Sunday Feb. 4, 2018

9.15 am

Talk at the Oakland Mills High School (cafeteria)

located at 9410 Kilimanjaro Road, Columbia, Maryland 21045

The event is finished.


Feb 04 2018


9:15 am - 10:00 am


Oakland Mills HIgh School
9410 Kilimanjaro Road

Recent News and Latest Book

CIA Creates a Mission Center to Counter China

You have to wonder what in the world Burns’ mediocre predecessors (John Brennan and Mike Pompeo) were thinking in creating mission centers regarding Iran and North Korea which represented little threat to the United States.  But my second reaction is less facetious and more serious: why is the United States—its president, its politicians, its pundits—hell-bent on creating a Cold War environment and arms race with China?  Burns told his work force last week that China is “our toughest geopolitical test in a new era of great power rivalry.”

Referenced in the new Noam Chomsky Book

Recently released Russian archives reveal that the Russians were deeply concerned by the operations and were preparing to respond, which would have meant, simply: The End.

Containing the National Security State

Containing the National Security State