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    New York Times’ Hall of Shame: Ross Douthat Rivals Duranty & Miller

    In response to the question “Is Putin committing genocide,” Douthat concluded “Not yet, folks….” In doing so, Douthat ignores mounting evidence of Putin’s fratricidal warfare to destroy or at least traumatize a country and its people. The Russian army is making no effort to hide crimes that include summary executions and booby traps that will target children in their playgrounds.

    Clinton’s Revisionism on NATO Expansion

    Former President Bill Clinton will retain a certain notoriety over the years because of L’Affaire Lewinsky and his initial efforts to lie his way out of a political disaster that led to his impeachment.  In the current issue of The Atlantic, Clinton has engaged in an act of historical revisionism to put the best face possible on his fateful expansion of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the 1990s. 

    Containing the National Security State

    Containing the National Security State