An Interview with Melvin A. Goodman | Washington Independent Review of Books

“As I’ve said on many an occasion, you cannot have investigative journalism in this country if you continue to clamp down on whistleblowers.”

The Chronicle of Higher Education mentions my book

My new book was mentioned in a recent article, Taking Stock of the Ties That Bind Harvard’s Kennedy School and the CIA. Read the article here from The Chronicle Of Higher Education.

Goodman Interviewed on VOA News

“But Trump’s appointment of Generals Kelly, Mattis and McMaster to key policy positions is the most dangerous step toward militarization in U.S. history.”

Whistleblowers and the Bear

A fun time signing books at Browse About Books in Rehoboth Beach DE. My grand kids and I even got to meet Paddington Bear.

East County Magazine Book Review

“It really is a fantastic book that I encourage you and all others to read, as well as login and register your comments. I actually talked with Mel over the phone last night, and he gave me invaluable insight on our current CIA Director Mike Pompeo, and proposed military action in Venezuela.”
– Dennis

Quoted in ALTERNET Article

“Generals have an operational and tactical sense of how the military works,” Goodman said in a phone interview. “What they don’t have is real strategic knowledge or mastery of regional issues. McMaster is considered an intellectual because he published his PhD thesis as a book. So what?”