Appearance on Report From Santa Fe, Produced by KENW

A successful book tour in California and New Mexico included an interview for PBS that played throughout the state as well as an NPR interview that was broadcast nationally. Watch my appearance and interview with veteran journalist & interviewer, Lorene Mills, on the Report from Santa Fe.

Mel Goodman interviewed by Matt Taibbi on, July 21, 2017

“For journalists like me who have backgrounds either working or living in Russia, the new Red Scare has been an ongoing freakout. A lot of veteran Russia reporters who may have disagreed with each other over other issues in the past now find themselves in like-minded bewilderment over the increasingly aggressive rhetoric. . . . When asked about the roots of the current Russian-American divide, former CIA analyst Melvin Goodman, the author of excellent books like Whistleblower at the CIA and Failure of Intelligence, points to a 1990 deal struck between Secretary of State James Baker and Soviet foreign minister Eduard Shevardnadze. “

Mel Goodman excerpt featured on Truthout

Is the CIA Reformable?
In this excerpt, former CIA intelligence analyst Melvin A. Goodman ponders the meanings of the words whistleblower, dissident and contrarian, how they apply to himself and others, and whether the CIA can ever be repaired or rebuilt.
Whistleblowers. Dissidents. Contrarians.

KMEC Radio, Mendocino Environmental Center

Melvin A Goodman, Whistleblower at the CIA, on Heroes and Patriots, heard each Monday, 1 p.m., on KMEC Radio, Mendocino Environmental Center, has a new YouTube video of Melvin A Goodman speaking about his new book, Whistleblower at the CIA.

Washington Post Op-Ed

How Clinton, Bush and Obama joined to alienate Russia.

Former CIA Analyst Melvin Goodman on the Agency’s Manipulation of Intelligence

Watch the interview I did with TruthDig, where I discussed CIA internal failures and my role in trying to expose them. This event was streamed live onto Truthdig’s Facebook page. You can watch the video here.